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2012          film called “El extraño anfitrion” Dir: Javier Rebollo; ZINEBI Nov.2011
2012          Short film “Expiration” Protagonist, Dir: Javier Trapero IMVAL
2011          Short Film 16mm “Fractus kaloseidos No. 08,” Protagonist, Dir: Jaime Osorio Laimar CINEMA Films and Film School;
2011          Short film “World War”, Dir: Jon Mendizabal
2009/11     series of ETB Collaboration: Vaya Semanita, Euskolegas, Goenkale, Mi querido Klikowsky, video of the singer David Cortes (Pausoka, Errecerre Hostoil and International productions)
2000          Short film, “La trampa perfecta” actress and production, familiarity with video-film and audiovisual stations (centers, audio). Briñas (La Rioja)


2010          Comedy “You can be a murderer” by Alfonso Paso in Tecnun theaters , San Sebastian and Pamplona.
2010          Function “Maschi vs femmine” Fausto Brizzi readaptation in the “Popular theater” in Milan. (Italy)


2009/10     Spots and cover of the Stylo magazine Nº 22 by Binahi (San Sebastian)
20010/11   Model photo and parades in Italy and Spain.
Model hairdresser by Lourdes Salamanca Wella Crego of Bilbao, Dic.2011
Workshop for National Assoc makeup Nov’11 (Madrid)
Waltz Performance Nov’11 (Bilbao)
Model hairdresser by Angel Diez, Wella Bilbao Alicante, Dic.2011
Wella Parade Burgos PATRICK CAMERON June-2011,
International Parade Güeñes paper dress Sept.2011,
Parade sephora Spain, Vitoria, Sept. 2011
Photographic Exhibition Alicante, Ibi December 2011, Angeles Ruiz
Valladolid Photographic Exhibition in June 2011 and November 2011, Madrid in January 2012, of Zyllan
Photographic Exhibition New York in August 2011, Henry Drain


2006/12     Interpreter, hostess and coordinating conferences, concerts and events, with the companies Sinan Image and Bokado Andamabi.
2002/11     school teacher DINA and p. ESO particular, Bach. and University (Bilbao-San Sebastian)
2008/10     PhD Researcher at CEIT (San Sebastian)
2006/08     voluntary, socio-cultural animator Gorabide, Bilbao.
2008          Analyst and programmer in the LAV (Italy).
2006/07     Environmental Analyst and laboratory practices for the Basque Government (Bilbao).
2004/06     Management and Inkide training, junior Chemical Engineering company (Leioa).
2004          Commercial wireless networks in Airbites (Bilbao)
2003          Restaurant in Golden Sands,HolidayPark (England)


1. English and Italian (Fluent)
2. Frances and Bask language (Intermediate level)
3. Arabian and Chinese (Basic level)

2011          Intensive course of Interpretation in the “Academy dello Spettacolo”, Milan. Recording, diction, body language and mimesis, film lab, etc..
2010          Course of Interpretation by David Valdevira in school “Tecnun”, San Sebastian. Energy centres, interpretive techniques, Stanislavski, Meyerhold and Chekhov, improvisation, creativity, body movements and voice. Coordination Group, disinhibition, relaxation and energy centres.
2008/10     PhD in microelectronics and bioengineering DEA Title Cochlear Implants (San Sebastian)
2002/07     Bachelor of Industrial Chemical Engineering at the UPV (Leioa, Bizkaia)


Openmind and positive person, affinity with any normal risk sport, horse riding, self defence, martial arts, diving, rafting, astronomy, skating, gymnastics and dance of all kinds salsa, oriental, funky, contact , body combat. A passion for animals, art and culture, Card A and B (250cc), own car and motorbike.


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